Sunday, March 07, 2004

last few days have been busy and fun... Took both cats to the vet yesterday, Genny was scared but ok until the vet came in and cleaned out her ears. Genny decided she had had enough and tried to jump over my shoulder to escape. :) It was so funny because she got scared and leaned against me to reassure herself that someone was there. She has to go back for the rest of her shots because she had an allergic reaction once and the vet was afraid to give her all them at once. I think it worked out because Genny slept the whole afternoon yesterday and most of today, she is fine now. She goes back in a month to get her second shot. Jesse had a hard time dealing with the vet. She screamed and howled as she got her shots.

Spent most of the day working with KDE getting this customized the way I want; new background, new splash screen, window decoration, color scheme, etc. Looks great now, i will put up a screenshot on my web site soon. ... Finally got SETI@home running to, might as well put those idle cycles to use. KSetisaver is a native screensaver, took me a while to get it up and running but now everything is good. :)

Got OpenRPG up and running so I can use it to play a game of HARP soon. It is really nice, actually. But the Python I have has issues that cause some of the functions not to work. Plus I think the security settings I have prevent me from uploading files through it and I am not changing those. Oh well it is getting late here time to run ...


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