Monday, March 22, 2004

more political thoughts, ... could John Kerry and GW Bush be more of clones from each other? There is a political/media codeword called "taxes". It really means the personal income tax. GW says that we should keep taxes low and/or send rebate checks out willy nilly "to keep America moving in the right direction". Whereas Kerry and the Democrats want to "raise taxes" which really means that they want to keep taking a large chunk out of every American citizen's wallet so they can reconcile the huge spending deficit GW's little foriegn excursions have generated. This is a perfect example of the diaclectic in action. They try and force the debate to be from only two angles and make it so inflamed and impassioned that all other aspects are forgotten. Is there any other option? In other words is there another way for the US government to raise the capital it needs to keep functioning? Maybe a combination of a flat tax along with import, export duties, "sin" taxes and fees/taxes from things like business regulation would be enough along with a dash of fiduciary responsibilty. (Remember that debt is not a bad thing, properly managed debt can be quite the opposite) But this never enters into the mainstream discussion. We only get two alternatives and everything else is pushed aside. In this way the mind-control of the diaclectic continues. Sigh, I sometimes feel that I am the only person who sees and realizes stuff like this. I am glad I have the blog now to at least shout it out, even if no one reads it, yet...


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