Sunday, May 23, 2004

In reference to the wedding party that was attacked; There is an interesting take on the Belmont Club the media is spinning this as a horrible tradegy. Does anyone besides me think that the media is devolving into the same anti-establishment bs that used to be reserved for coverage of the Vietnam war? There were civilian casualties there but this was a long planned raid on a highly survielled target. Those troops knew exactly what they were doing. In shooting at women and other non-combatants, I would suggest you read an account by an Army specialist Jarob Walsh here. His convoy that was attacked was the same one that Thomas Hamill, the KBR hostage who escaped, and Mat Maupin was captured in. Particularly scarey is Walsh's account of being shot at and hit by two little boys weilding, albeit awkwardly, AK-47s. Did a wedding party take place there? yeah, it seems so. Were there "other" guests at this party and were there suspicious activities going on at this home, yes and yes. Hmmmm...

On the gaming side the is a really good interview with Ryan Dancey up at Silven's RPG section. Ryan was the main force behind the OGL and the team that developed 3ed. D&D. I am not quite sure just what he has against GAMA but he has some excellent points about it becoming to dependent on the revenues from Origins.

Genny is such a good kitty. I am so glad we adopted her. She spent most of the day either watching the birds or following us around.


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