Sunday, January 16, 2005

First post of 2005!!

I have been using personal computers for over 25 years, everything from TRS-80 to DEC VAX-780 unix based to IBM mainframes (I worked in the IT section of a major retail credit card outfit for a couple of years). I immediately liked the Apple computer Mac mini from the time I first started hearing about the specs. I waited until I saw the actual boxen revealed at MacWorld and the ever-critical Mac-enthusiast crowd had a chance to look at it up close. The iPod Shuffle is a great thing for mp3 fans and should drive iTunes sales, but mobile music has never been my cup o' tea. BUT that $499 Mac... ohhhh, drool... OSX with it ... oooohhh, visions of open source Darwin based software start floating in my head... The bloggers have started looking at this, Tim West also drools over at the TNL. Hey, there are even scams on Ebay using the Mac mini as bait. This thing is going to be great. I love that you can buy your own monitor, mouse, and keyboard for it. My biggest gripe is that wireless, at least 80.211g, should have been built in. Absolutely outstanding for a second computer.

Bloggers have confessed to taking money from Howard Dean's campaign in in return for "consulting" services. Is anyone actually surprised by this news? At least Zephyr Teachout (Wonkette) confessed without someone forcing or exposing this. It is partly in responce to the revelation of a conservative getting money from the DoE in return for "promoting" No Child Left Behind. It got pretty obvious that Bloggers were "helping" Dean's campaign along, because so many disparate organizations were suddenly unamimous in their support of him despite have no common ground in the platform he espoused. Will this have an effect on Dean's attempt for the DNC chairmanship? Probably not...


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