Saturday, April 30, 2005

Guild Wars: playing the game...

Guild Wars

Since I had so much fun in the beta and since there are no monthly fees like every other MMORPG I decided to take the plunge and pick up GW. This is my first foray into a MMORPG without my buddy helping so it should be interesting...

I made an elementalist/mesmer and jumped in after browsing through the manual to refresh my memory. The instant travel feature totally rocks, cuts way down on the wandering around. Did a few beginning quests and am already up to level 3...

Things that GW improves upon: 1. PvP is an endgame so no more dealing with drunk, bored losers who hang around the n00b areas ruining your day. 2. Death penalties are much less although they are still frustrating while you are questing. 3. Quests are plentiful, way more the Lineage2. 4. The use of districts helps keep the crowding in main areas down. 5. If you need help on a quest you can just hire NPC henchmen to follow you around and help. Makes soloing hard quests much easier. IF you can actually find these henchmen near your quest zone. 6. Tons of skills and choices means varied improvements and no two characters will be the same. 7. Guards will help you by killing things if you are in trouble, I was being BaF'd by wolves, ran past a guard and he nicely killed them for me. Thank you :)

Things not so good: 1. I wanna solo dang it! where are the henchmen near the catacombs???? sometimes you need help. 2. Gonna be hard to find a group I trust enough to join their guild without someone else around that I trust. 3. Pathing is not the greatest. Sometimes you cannot just go anywhere you please. There are invisible barriers around to stop you. 4. Mobs are definitely better than PCs at the same level. If I am level 3 and the Raging Corpse is level 3, I should be able to wipe it one on one. Sometimes you have to run like heck from it. 5. It is still rewarding to be a no-lifer who spends hours upon hours in the game leveling up. I was hoping to find a game that favored the casual gamer like myself.

My main character is Felicia Salon (my gf's comment was "why do you always play as a girl?") so look me up if you are in the game.


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