How i accidentally quit my job

Friday, February 06, 2009

so anyway ...

I did not really quit, just worked there for a week when the computers thought I didn't...  :)

My workplace switched to using a computer based timesheet system that we use to record our daily work hours and all, yadda yadda ...

there is a little button on the thing for when you retire/leave/etc. and this is your last time sheet. after you click it the computer removes you from the system.

So I somehow managed to check the "last timesheet" button last week. Don't ask me how, I have no idea, I am careful about it and know better.

This week I logged in but the time system has been down for updates, etc. So my supervisor sends out an email about a code we use on the timesheet. I log in to check but see no timesheet at all. I fire off a reply to my supe "what's up with the system, I have no timesheet at all?" a few minutes later he replies "I can't see it either. Maybe they are checking yours. Ask Sonja ." I wait until I finish the task I started but then supe comes striding over ... "Why did you retire?" "did you hit the last timesheet button?" .... "ah, hahahaha guess I must have, oopsie" :)

We had a good chuckle out of it and made some de riguer jokes ("you can't tell me what to do anymore, I QUIT!!"  :-) ) but the timekeepermanagerperson got me back in the system. Its not the first time it has happened nor will it be the last time.

so I worked this week when I had actually quit.  :-)

btw - a pebcak is a computer tech term for "problem exists between chair and keyboard" i.e. user error :-)


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