Kyoto - JR station rooftop park

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Japan Day 5

On the evening after our bus tour of Kyoto we were trying to figure out where to go for dinner. I knew there was a ramen place down the street but my companion was not disposed towards eating noodles again after the curry soba in Shibuya so she pulled out the guidebook for Kyoto and browsed a bit.

"There are a whole bunch of restaurants over at the JR Station on the upper floors. Want to head over there?" The joy of discovering something wonderful by just being open to new things took over so I agreed readily.

Japan day 5

It turns out that the JR Station in Kyoto has a grand mall attached which rises several stories above the city and has a rooftop Garden. You ride the escalators up for several stories towards the openings and I could not wait to get to the top to take photos.

The ramen stadium was on the seventh floor with more restaurants above. My desire for gyoza dumplings and the girlfriend's desire for something un-noodly led us to this little tiny little shop on the upper floor. I had a good ramen/gyoza combo and she had a tempura combo. The gyoza were wonderful with the two little steamed dumplings being among the best things I have ever tasted. In a rare lapse I forgot to get a picture of the meal.

Japan day 5

Our seats were along the window so I pulled out my camera an set it on the window ledge up against the glass to get this pic. The lights were beautiful.

Japan day 5

Japan day 5

Japan day 5

When we came out of the restaurant it was dark and I wanted to walk in the park at the top of mall/station. Unfortunately the long exposure times and my shaky hands kept a lot of the shots from coming out but it was one of the best experiences of a trip filled with them.

Kyoto JR Station

The station had a tribute to "God of Manga" Tezuka Osamu ongoing. Besides the posters there were sculptures of various characters gracing the tops of signs.


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