Saturday, September 18, 2004

D20 Filtered ...

My friend and former editor, Bradford Ferguson resigned as the D20 section head at Silven Crossroads because he could not devote the time he needed to as section head and work on d20 Filtered. So I wondered what d20 Filtered was? Patience, Young Grasshopper... Here at last is the answer, D20 Filtered is a monthly eZine covering the RPG scene. The first issue is mostly reviews and is a free download. Good Luck with the mag Brad, :)

Journey to the Backwoods Festival...

Today I reluctantly went to the Backwoods Festival in Thornville. Four hours of my life that I would love to have back. The rains Friday had turned it into a mudhole of huge proportions, and because OSU had a late game today it was packed with people. The vast majority of the crap sold as "crafts" now is just bought wholesale from some company that had a few thousand made in Guatemala or somewhere. The few other things people pawn off as "crafts" anymore are wooden cutouts of snowmen and pieces of hurricane fence painted red, white, and blue. The best booths were a whittler (Laura bought a Hummingbird that was really neat) and a person selling dried herbs of all kinds. I loaded up on Oregano and various other stuff, with a fresh bag of Catnip for Genny and Jesse. I picked up a bottle of Jose Madrid Salsa which is made locally in C-bus and is very good. Got home in time to watch a little gridiron action so the day was not a total waste. Genny and Jesse got into the catnip as soon as they caught a whiff of the bag. Jesse was zooming all over the house and Genny was just zonked out. Cats on catnip is a hilarious thing. :)

The Libertarian Party reports that Michael Badnarik will appear on the ballot in every state except New Hampshire and Oklahoma. Do yourself a favor and vote against the system. Vote against the media domination that allows the clones in each party to run every year and not really change anything. Vote for liberty and real change and show that you are not a simpleton proletariat sheep who goes "baaaa" every time a media puppet utters a phrase that a pollster tells him is getting a positive response. The Green Party is on the ballot in 28 states, Ralph Nader is on in 23 states, and The Constitution Party is on in 34 states.


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